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Professional Water Removal Services in Palm Beach

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Professional Water Removal Services in Palm Beach Keep the Water Where It Belongs in Palm Beach--But SERVPRO Is there for Water Damage Restoration

For Palm Beach, SERVPRO Offers Industry-Leading Water Extraction and Restoration Services

I believe we all have ideas as far as water removal is concerned and usually attempt to do something when we face related disasters. However, to what levels should we dry our contents and how do you know what to discard and what to repair? Never take chances if you are a resident of Palm Beach when professionals can efficiently guide you through the restoration process.

For any water removal process in your Palm Beach property to be a success, the equipment that technicians use makes the difference. As a company, SERVPRO understands precisely that, and our team takes the shortest time possible to arrive at the site since an immediate response is crucial to an efficient restoration process. We work hard to mitigate water damages.
There are two ways through which water can damage your content. The first one takes place when materials absorb the water via direct contact. The second way is when they absorb the excess moisture from the air. Either way, our SERVPRO technicians must create appropriate conditions that promote drying. While we can use pumps to extract a substantial amount of water, there are situations where we use detection equipment to measure the moisture level in carpets, walls, and other areas. Moisture meters, moisture sensors, and thermo-hygrometers are some of the equipment that our IICRC certified water damage restoration crew members can use.
The application of dehumidifiers and air movers is part of the procedures that our SERVPRO technicians employ to enhance evaporation. While air movers promote evaporation of moisture from surfaces to the air, dehumidifiers remove the additional moisture from the air thereby lowering the humidity.
Direct contact with water might cause some contents to rot and lead to the release of odors. It is the job of our technicians to identify and remove the sources of the odors. Usually, the odors might have penetrated into tiny spaces and removing the source might not be enough for complete elimination. That is where we introduce deodorization – we use thermal foggers or ULV foggers to spray the deodorants. Our OCT, odor control technicians can make the right call.
SERVPRO of West Palm Beach has a proven record in fire, storm, water and mold restoration. Contact us at (561) 795-5410 and be served by an industry leader.

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Removing Mold Damage In West Palm Beach

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing Mold Damage In West Palm Beach Mold is a threat that likes to hide in West Palm Beach homes.

Removing Mold Damage

Mold is a threat that likes to hide in West Palm Beach homes. The spores are normally inert and are no more a threat than common dirt that gets tracked in from the backyard. It is only when they have a source of moisture, do mold spores become active and grow unnoticed for weeks and even months.

By the time mold damage to a West Palm Beach home is noticed, the restoration costs can add up to several thousand dollars. Even adding in an insurance policy, the deductible amount still means a homeowner needs a professional company like SERVPRO to make certain he or she gets a good value for their money. We have created a set of four procedures to remove and clean mold as efficiently as possible.

It starts with containment. Technicians seal off every point of entry to the affected area. This includes not just doors and windows, but the air and heating vents as well. It is necessary to prevent loose spores from getting transferred to unaffected parts of the house as we clean the surfaces and prepare infested material we cannot clean for disposal.

That brings us to cleaning and removal. Our actions here depend on the kind of surfaces in the affected area. Inside a home, most are usually only two types. The two types are porous like fabrics, drywall, and carpets or non-porous like plastics, metal, and glass. In the case of porous material, we generally remove fabrics for cleaning like drapes and upholstered furniture and then dispose of drywall and carpets which are very difficult to completely clean and make mold free again.

For non-porous surfaces, technicians wipe them down with a dry cloth or sponge. If the layer is thick, we use an anti-fungal cleaner to break up the mold in order to remove it. After this action, we bring in vacuums with HEPA filters. These filters are designed to capture even a single mold spores off the surface of a table, wall, or countertop.

Now, we wait for loose spores and contaminated dust to settle. Our cleaning actions stir up the air, and it takes time for spores to settle out onto the surfaces again. After enough time, we wipe everything down again and repeat this procedure until our air content meters show mold levels at normal for a home.

Our last step is to check the humidity levels and moisture content of building materials like drywall. If the content is too high, we use dehumidifiers and air movers to lower them in order to reduce the chance of mold starting to grow again after our team departs the home.

The weather looks good now, but more rain is on the way. If you have or suspect, mold in your home, call SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561) 795-5410 today. We are here to help.

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How To Deal With Fire Damage Due To Smoke To Your Palm Beach Home?

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Deal With Fire Damage Due To Smoke To Your Palm Beach Home? Smoke is one of the worst things about fire damage to your Palm Beach home.

How To Deal With Fire Damage?

Smoke is one of the worst things about fire damage to your Palm Beach home. Smoke can quickly ruin the walls and ceilings of your property, and it is not easy to clean the damage due to smoke. The particles in smoke are small, unburnt material that is dark in color and can deposit on almost any surface. These particles can not only cause cosmetic damage but also can cause structural damage.

Cleaning smoke after fire damage to your Palm Beach property is a job for the professionals here at SERVPRO. Particles in smoke that are less than 10 micrometers in diameter can get lodged in porous surfaces. If these particles are not cleaned correctly, they can cause an irreversible structural damage to your property.

Call In The Professionals
Smoke residues can be very difficult to clean. If you try to clean them on your own, chances are, you will worsen the situation. Trying to clean smoke covered ceiling or walls can drive the particles deeper into the pores making the damage permanent. Professionals at SERVPRO are trained and have years of experience to do this job. Make sure that you call in the experts rather than trying to clean the smoke damage by yourself. We use various extraction methods to drive these particles out and minimize the damage. Paint on the walls and ceiling can also blister bubble during the fire as well. If it is not restored correctly, it can cause cosmetic and structural problems as well.

The odor is yet another huge problem that accompanies smoke damage. Here at SERVPRO, we use some of the best equipment to combat even the most terrible smoke odors. We use both Wet and Dry Fogging to reach the most difficult to reach places to eliminate odor-causing particles. Our technicians also use air scrubbers to eradicate any lingering smoke particles and get your home smelling like home again.

Limiting the damage and a successful restoration depends on how quickly we can start working. Call SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561) 795-5410 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts today.

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Hot Water Tank Malfunctions Can Mean Water Removal Efforts To Your Palm Beach Home

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Hot Water Tank Malfunctions Can Mean Water Removal Efforts To Your Palm Beach Home Visually inspect your water heater on a regular basis for changes in how it looks or for apparent leaks.

Water Removal

Did you know that the average water heater is not meant to last more than ten years? You would not be alone in being unaware, it seems. Month to month, Palm Beach homes are seeing the life run out of their heating tanks in their home, which can cause a considerable mess. The excessive water that results from this malfunction can be overwhelming, not to mention damaging to the structure and contents of your residence.

Understanding that each of these appliances has a shelf life is just the tip of the iceberg, however. There are plenty of calls to our SERVPRO team for Palm Beach water removal following heater malfunctions in units that were not at all close to their proposed expiration dates. There are ways to help prevent substantial water damages, but there is always a risk with having a high-pressure appliance routed through your indoor plumbing system.

Common malfunctions to these water heating units are in response to normal wear on gaskets and seals. With years of daily use, any machine is going to need to be serviced or replaced. Failure to do so can see these weakening points eventually expose themselves completely, spilling the contents of the tank or rupturing the appliance’s connectors to the supply side of your plumbing network. Either scenario undoubtedly causes a great deal of water to pour onto the floor and requires removal to prevent considerable damage to your home.

Our SERVPRO water restoration and removal techniques use the most efficient equipment to eliminate the water and to dry the area as quickly as possible. Removal begins with portable pumping units and truck mounted equipment, which can quickly evacuate the water from the affected area, so drying efforts can begin immediately afterward. The faster these processes can happen, the less lasting or irreparable damage that occurs to the structure of your home (not to mention the contents of the room).

Visually inspect your water heater on a regular basis for changes in how it looks or for apparent leaks. This kind of diligence can prevent significant water removal efforts later on. If your water heater does decide to malfunction, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of West Palm Beach. You can reach us anytime at (561) 795-5410.

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Water Removal Crucial to Retaining Palm Beach Culture

11/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Removal Crucial to Retaining Palm Beach Culture Don't let an overflowing toilet damage areas where people work or come to visit. Contact SERVPRO when you need water removal in a commercial setting.

SERVPRO Technicians Focus on Restoration Rather Than Replacement of Damaged Property

No space in Florida is impervious to the effects of water. Our humid climate and seasonal storms enhance the risk of moisture damage in all places, including those devoted to memorializing our unique culture, the arts, and famous personages who made Palm Beach their home. Aging plumbing and operator error or mechanical malfunction may affect these properties, too. When damaging water jeopardizes these special destinations and needs removal, we have all the resources to make it happen.
A continually running toilet flooded gallery and administrative areas of a landmark, requiring commercial water removal in Palm Beach. The housekeeping staff could try to mop up the mostly “clean” water, but the quantity involved needs the attention of a firm specializing in water removal and extraction methods. Our professional focus is firmly on providing the most thorough commercial water removal services possible, and we train our workers and purchase state of the art equipment accordingly.
The surfaces affected also include carpeted areas, tiled and terrazzo floors, and woodwork. SERVPRO crews have experience in managing water removal from all these areas, and each member of the crew sent to your water emergency has IICRC certification in the theory, planning, and delivery of water removal services. One crucial skill we offer that ensures a successful outcome is structural and content moisture measurement. Our technicians train till adept in determining how much moisture remains in building materials and components after removal of standing water using precision instruments and advanced scanning equipment. They calculate drying targets and monitor the moisture levels until their efforts meet the target.
Standing water responds well to pumps and vacuum extractors. The residual moisture needs weighted extractor wands, air movers, desiccant humidifiers, and sometimes the addition of heat to move moisture out of carpeting, woodwork, and subflooring and into the air where it can be condensed and discarded. The HVAC system also needs checking, and if unaffected by the flood, be brought back online to help balance the ambient humidity in the building. SERVPRO workers inspect for any indication of microbial activity as the priceless books, artwork, and documents housed in the center’s rooms are sensitive to any rise in the humidity which could cause mold damage even in non-saturated materials.
Let the experts manage water removal for your cultural venue. SERVPRO of West Palm Beach has staffed phones at (561) 795-5410 round the clock.

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Wet Environments can Still Suffer Fire Damage in West Palm Beach

11/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wet Environments can Still Suffer Fire Damage in West Palm Beach Fire damage causes significant damage to your home, but our team has the expertise and equipment to restore your house "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Restore Your West Palm Beach Home From Fire & Water Damage

In post-hurricane season, many people think only about the damage caused by the storms. However, places like West Palm Beach can suffer other disasters. Haphazard set-ups of cooking areas, waterlogged cords and appliances, and other problems can cause even more disasters.

West Palm Beach homes are more likely to suffer fire damage after significant storm events than other homes who never suffer such catastrophes. SERVPRO helps homeowners and many others recover from complicated situations involving fire and other damaging situations. This combination of services helps reduce restoration time and overall costs, one of our goals in helping families recover from disasters of any kind.

Another part of our goal in making it “Like it never even happened” is restoring your property through repair work and cleaning. Both must occur to combat the effects of fire damage. A fire itself causes many chemical changes to occur, including melting of plastics and rubber items. Smoke creates a problem because it infiltrates everything, adhering thickly and creating a messy situation.

Cleaning the interior from soot deposits where it remains undamaged by fire, as well as removing melted materials, takes time. However, we work as quickly as possible in teams. Removing and disposing of unrecognizable materials and items also happens. Our training prepares us for this, and we always use the best tools for each aspect of cleaning and restoring.

We know many homeowners want to view all items before their disposal and we always work with you on the best way to do this. You may or may not want your children present, depending on their ages. Other items may be from a neighbor who would like to see their belonging before we add it to the rest.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Everyone at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach knows how lousy weather can continue to impose harsh conditions in our area. Fire damage as a result of weather-related situations happens quite often. We are ready and highly skilled to take care of any disasters your home or property might face. Contacting us to start the work your home needs is as easy as calling our local number, (561) 795-5410, any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year.

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Odor Removal After Mold Damage in West Palm Beach Homes

11/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Odor Removal After Mold Damage in West Palm Beach Homes Finding mold in a part of your home can feel overwhelming. Contact the trained technicians at SERVPRO who deal with mold daily for remediation.

Our Certified Technicians Mitigate ALL Aspects of a Mold Infestation in Your Home Including Leftover Odors

If you live in West Palm Beach, you are probably familiar with the musty smell sometimes found in crawlspaces, attics, basements, and other areas where mold growth occurs. It is an unpleasant odor that can be difficult to clean up. A musty smell is most likely the result of possible moisture problems, high humidity, poor air circulation, and inadequate cleaning.
If you detect the presence of mold in your home, SERVPRO is there to help. We have a team of highly skilled mold damage control experts in West Palm Beach who are qualified to provide 24/7 emergency services. Our products are up to scratch with IICRC guidelines to ensure a thorough restoration process.
Mold odor is caused by molds and fungi growing where water is leaking. As they multiply in numbers, molds release a sulfur-containing gas that is easily noticeable. Over time, the fungi spread to other areas of your home, so it is important to treat any water damage as soon as it is discovered.
Wet wood is particularly prone to mold damage. SERVPRO has unique odor removal products that are very effective on wood. If the wood remains damp for some time, it starts to rot and produce a nasty smell. If you notice dark stains on wooden items, they are probably getting wet from a leak somewhere, ultimately promoting mold growth. This can happen to the baseboard that might have a pipe leakage behind it, or it can happen to an item in the storage shed.
Leaking roofs allow rainwater to penetrate inside, often leading up to a beam or other supporting house structure. Wet wood continues to rot and support mold growth until you stop the source of the moisture. If your walls start to look overly rundown, SERVPRO technicians can come in and check for any damage behind them. Mold and mildew grow on the paper backing and can darken in color, blister, start to flake, or peel off. Fungi that covers more than a small part of the wall usually indicate a significant problem and that particular area of the wall may have to be removed and replaced professionally.
Mold growth can leave a sour smell in your home, making it unpleasant to stay in the house. If it happens to you, SERVPRO of West Palm Beach can control any mold damage present. Call us today at (561) 795-5410.
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What To Do Before Water Removal in a Palm Beach Library

10/29/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial What To Do Before Water Removal in a Palm Beach Library Your library does not have to be a total loss after a water damage incident. Contact the technicians at SERVPRO to assess and offer options.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Dry Out Your Property After Water Damage

A public library is a beautiful thing – and it is not just the public library that stores books in Palm Beach. Many businesses such as law firms or educational establishments have a library that is a vital part of their company. Naturally, you do not want your business’ or institutions’ books to get wet, and in the event of water damage, it is natural to panic.
However, professional water removal in Palm Beach can help preserve and save books. Even books that are entirely soaked might be salvageable using a robust process known as freeze drying. First, documents are freeze dried to preserve their current state. Then, we place them in a specialist freeze-drying chamber, and all air is suctioned out. A combination of pressure and temperature are used to evaporate water and collect it outside the chamber.
SERVPRO understands that the sight of wet books and papers is upsetting and it is natural to want to take action as soon as possible. However, we recommend caution and offer the following guidelines.
Stop water flow if it is safe to do so, to prevent further harm to delicate books.
We suggest taking unaffected papers to another, drier, location if you can, to prevent them from being affected.
It is essential that the affected area is kept dry and cold. We recommend using a dehumidifier if possible to reduce humidity. You can use a fan for moving the air and aiding the drying process. Do not panic if you do not have access to the correct equipment - our IICRC-certified technicians arrive equipped with dehumidifiers and fans ready to do the job.
Be very careful with water-logged books. Do not open the volumes, remove their bindings, or fan the pages. Handle each item as little as possible until our staff arrives.
If water is still dripping from a leak or broken pipe or roof, spread plastic sheeting over collections to protect them from drips.
Swift action is vitally important. The sooner books are frozen, the higher the chance of salvaging them successfully. That is why we recommend putting in a call to SERVPRO as soon as you can. Our IICRC-certified technicians are ready to remove water from the floor, reduce humidity, encourage evaporation and, most importantly, carefully take your books for freeze-drying.
For help with wet books in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Clark Shores, Loxahatchee Groves and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561) 795-5410 today.

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Consider A Pre-Move Back Inspection Before Returning to Your Hurricane Irma Damaged Seasonal Home in West Palm Beach

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Consider A Pre-Move Back Inspection Before Returning to Your Hurricane Irma Damaged Seasonal Home in West Palm Beach Rely on SERVPRO for Hurricane Damage Restoration in West Palm Beach

Call on SERVPRO for Hurricane Help for Storm Damage Cleanup

While you were enjoying the final weeks of summer with family and friends north of your dream home in Southwest Florida, your beloved ocean view condo or lakeside estate was right in the path of Hurricane Irma. The high winds, rain, and storm surge may have taken a significant toll on your winter getaway. Without knowing if or how badly your vacation home was affected by Irma it is impossible for you and your family to look forward to another season in the sun.
The extreme weather pattern that defines a hurricane threatens West Palm Beach area houses, townhomes, and condos purchased by residents of cold weather states as winter retreats. You and your family richly anticipate the time you spend in the warmth and the sun now that you added a Florida retreat to your lifestyle. That joy is now tarnished by your fear that your hard-earned vacation home has been harmed by the force that was Hurricane Irma.
Winds exceeding 100 miles per hour can devastate roofs, exteriors, doors, and windows. SERVPRO tip: even less noticeable damage can allow rainwater and storm surge to invade your retirement refuge. Perhaps you have been in contact with neighbors or building managers and have been assured everything looks good on your property. You still need to take the possibility that rainwater may have made it into your Florida winter home seriously.
Relatively small quantities of water can cause significant damage, especially as you were not at your SW Florida home when the storm hit to ensure the water was removed and the structure dried. Your lifestyle allows you the freedom to enjoy more than one area of the country over the course of the year, but you do have to plan for some surprises when you move from one home to the other. If Irma’s winds and rains forced their way into your home primary and secondary water damage may challenge a happy homecoming.
Before you pack up for the seasonal move to Florida, SERVPRO advises you to consider making a quick pre-trip to preview how well your dwelling kept the winds and waters at bay. Another idea may be to reserve a room at a local hotel, so you have a fall-back position if you discover when you arrive that Irma and her rain-laden winds caused some damage to your house.
If Hurricane Irma caused water damage to your Florida winter property, contact SERVPRO of West Palm Beach for help. The quicker our company begins its recovery efforts, the sooner you return to your home enjoying the warmth and beautiful weather winter in Florida brings. (561) 795-5410

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Five Things to Know About Mold Damage in West Palm Beach

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Five Things to Know About Mold Damage in West Palm Beach Mold growth can lurk in the background for a long time before it spreads though your home. Contact SERVPRO should you find or suspect mold.

SERVPRO Technicians Look for Causes and Contributors to Mold Damage in Your Home

West Palm Beach is balmy and beautiful in warm weather. It is also humid and wet at times. Unfortunately, the tropical feeling conditions that visitors and residents alike love also give rise to humidity and where there is humidity there is the risk of fungal growth. Homeowners in West Palm Beach are aware of the problem of mold damage, and the difficulties of keeping mold away.
SERVPRO has much experience with mold damage in West Palm Beach. Our customers ask us many questions about mold, what it is, how it grows, and how best to prevent it from coming back. Here are five facts about mold damage that we would like to share with you.
1. Mold can grow almost anywhere if it has enough moisture and food. Moisture is key to fungal growth, so anywhere that is humid is a prime location for the spores to settle and grow. Mold also needs a food source – most organic materials work.
2. Mold is around us all the time. It is not a very pleasant thought, but in fact, invisible mold spores are present in almost all of nature. The spores settle anywhere that has good growing conditions and set to work growing a new colony.
3. There is no such thing as mold eradication. Customers often ask us if it is possible to eradicate mold. The answer is no; it is not feasible to remove fungus altogether because it is omnipresent. However, it is possible to discourage regrowth by removing water sources.
4. The visible part of the mold that you see with your naked eye is called the mycelium and is made up of many tiny thread-like cells called hyphae. The hyphae release spores which travel to other locations within your home and set up new colonies.
5. You can do a lot to discourage mold growth by keeping your home dry and well ventilated and fixing any leaks or damp patches as soon as you find them.
SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians are on hand for mold remediation in your home. We use a combination of scrubbing, wiping, and HEPA vacuuming to remove visible fungus. We also have negative air machines and dehumidifiers on hand to remove contaminated air and lower humidity.
For mold remediation in Runyon, South Bay, Watson and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561) 795-5410 for assistance.

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