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Microwave Kitchen Fire Causes Damage in West Palm Beach

A microwave in a local West Palm Beach home cause a fire to break out and damage kitchen cabinets for this customer. After the initial fire damage this customer... READ MORE

Fire From Air Vent In West Palm Beach Bathroom Causes Damage

This West Palm Beach home suffered a small fire in it's bathroom when the vent overheated and got caught on fire. After the fire fighting crew came and put out ... READ MORE

Rains From Storm Cause Restaurant in West Palm Beach Flooding

After some heavy downpour in West Palm Beach, this local restaurant had some trouble in the kitchen. The kitchen started to leak water during business hours and... READ MORE

Storm in West Palm Beach Floods Home And Causes Water And Mold Damage

A heavy rain storm in West Palm Beach caused this home to have flooding. The laundry room and bedroom hallways were flooded because of severity the storm. This ... READ MORE

Local West Palm Beach Commercial Building Has Water Damage

When this commercial building in West Palm Beach ran into water damage issues they were hesitant to call for help for fear of losing business for too long. Luck... READ MORE

West Palm Beach Business Suffers Mold Damage To Office

A local West Palm Beach business suffered mold damage as the result of undetected water leakage. The water leakage was going on for a couple of months acco... READ MORE

Bursted Pipes Cause Mold Remediation Work In West Palm Beach

A local home in West Palm Beach experienced some mold damage when a burst pipe caused water to leak into the walls. When stagnant water mixes with hot air and h... READ MORE

Mold Damage in West Palm Beach Laundry Room Causes Need For Repair

A customer in West Palm Beach was experiencing a musty odor in their laundry room and suspected mold was the reason behind it. Upon calling SERVPRO of West Palm... READ MORE

West Palm Beach Living Room Suffers Water Damage

This West Palm Beach home suffered water damage to the living room wall. The water seeped through the drywall into the living room causing mold to grow on the b... READ MORE

Deerfield Beach Homeowner Deals with Water Damage In Ceiling

A Deerfield Beach homeowner experienced some water damage in their ceiling. The water damage experienced technicians of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach headed o... READ MORE